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What’s your Knack?

Teach for the Philippines just teamed-up with one of the coolest new start-ups in Silicon Valley; the creators of an exciting app for students and yuppies alike!

We would like to introduce you to Knack,  a tech firm that uses games to help people discover and broadcast their talents. Our partnership with the Knack team seeks to bring their breakthrough game technology to the Philippines; in the hopes that we can use that information to create or expand professional opportunities for young leaders and educational opportunities for young students. Opportunities for learning that neither group would otherwise have had access to!

Knack combines state-of-the-art behavioral science, game theory, and big-data algorithms that comb through massive volumes of data to find your unique patterns and identify the ways in which you stand out.  It’s about the way you play, not about winning.  You can learn more on Knack’s website or check the FAQ’s.


Interested in your Knacks?  Click Here!