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Transitions in Leadership: TFP Enters Into A New Era of Changemaking

Today, we officially welcome fresh leadership at the top levels of governance in Teach for the Philippines.

At our Annual General Meeting of 2023, our Board of Trustees confirmed that Margarita Liboro Delgado will be serving as our new Chairman of the Board, and Mavie Almeda Ungco will be assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer. Clarissa Delgado, our former CEO, and Lizzie Eder Zobel, our former Chairman, will remain as trustees and have reiterated their continued commitment to advance the work of Teach for the Philippines. 

As one of its Co-Founders, Margarita Liboro Delgado was the founding CEO of Teach for the Philippines. Margarita cemented the organization’s partnership with the Department of Education and has been the driving force behind chartering relationships with the numerous municipalities we work with. Margarita has brought her rigorous business discipline to the work of Teach for the Philippines, which enabled us to deliver on our promise of providing excellence in our delivery of services to public education in the Philippines. In her role as Chairman, Margarita has reaffirmed her commitment to advising our management team on critical approaches that will help cultivate our organization’s public and private partnerships, and identify new opportunities and possibilities for Teach for the Philippines. 

Mavie Almeda Ungco joined the organization in 2016. She built the organization’s Data & Impact Assessment team from the ground up and led successful internal and external research that improved our programs and outcomes. She was promoted to Chief Operations Officer in 2020. At the height of the pandemic, she steered teams towards continuous operational excellence – supporting fundraising, program continuity, fostering employee safety, and leading the organization through four external financial audits, all resulting in clean, unqualified opinions by a top-caliber accounting firm.

After a decade of breaking down barriers, Teach for the Philippines reinforces its commitment to support the development of leadership in Education through our core programs — programs proven to significantly improve teacher quality and develop functional literacy and life skills; programs that build a movement of advocates for effective and relevant education reform; and ultimately, developing passionate young leaders who directly contribute to nation-building. By continuing to focus on its mission, Teach for the Philippines will move the needle for the country’s 27 million public school children within the next decade and beyond.