KUWENTO means story, and this is our space for reflection. This is where members of the Teach for the Philippines family share their experience of being part of the movement towards education reform. We hope that through sharing our KUWENTO, we will be able to give you a more complete view of what it means to leave your mark for our children, and for our country.

Clarissa: On The Proverbial Plastic Bench

Mired in bureaucracy. Seeking meritocracy. How do you solve a problem like a system? My Filipino driving license expired and I have been to four Land Transportation Offices (LTOs) since I began the process of renewing it. Taguig City LTO went "offline"... Read More

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Teacher Kat’s Letter of Love

To that kid in class - This is how i know that i love you: I know because I hate... Read More >

Teacher Carmina: Papasa Kami! (We Will Pass!)

Kahapon ang kauna-unahang beses na nagdasal kami ng mga estudyante ko bilang isang klase (dahil akala ko, bawal ang pagdarasal... Read More >

Teacher Adam: Kahit Na Ano, Ayaw Kong...

When I was in elementary school, class began at 9:15 AM. Here, 9:15 AM means my kids have five minutes... Read More >

Teacher Bea: My Magical Moment in Class

Last week, two of my 14-year-olds in my advisory class decided that they finally wanted to learn how to read.... Read More >

Teacher Evee: Superhero

Committing two years of my life as a public school teacher is a decision questionable and surprising for many. Some... Read More >

Teacher Leslie on Her First Month as...

I did it. I made it through the first month.  I have already learned so much about the public school... Read More >

Teacher Miggy: Fall In Love Every Day

I have always envisioned the first day of class as a moment of love - I envisioned seeing my students... Read More >

Mikko Ramos: Never Give Up!

The following Experiences entry was written by Mikko Ramos, one of the Leadership Development Officers (LDO) of the 2013 Cohort,... Read More >

Teacher Jerome: Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon?

“Para kanino ka bumabangon?” Who do you wake up for?   Before the first day of class, we were told... Read More >

Teacher Steffi’s First Day as a Public...

As the first week of classes comes to a close, Steffi Relampagos of the 2013 Cohort looks back on her... Read More >