KUWENTO means story, and this is our space for reflection. This is where members of the Teach for the Philippines family share their experience of being part of the movement towards education reform. We hope that through sharing our KUWENTO, we will be able to give you a more complete view of what it means to leave your mark for our children, and for our country.

Teacher Miggy: Fall In Love Every Day

I have always envisioned the first day of class as a moment of love - I envisioned seeing my students slowly fill up the room and sit on the chairs I've just wiped clean and read the colorful welcome note... Read More

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On Memorial Day, Missing My Dad and...

The following piece by Leslie Ferrer Espinosa of the 2013 Cohort was originally published in her blog, Tagalogue, and was... Read More >

When Fellows Aren’t Teachers

The Teach for the Philippines Fellows are getting a lot of media mileage as graduates of top schools who have chosen... Read More >

Teacher Bea on Entering Graduate School

The following Experiences entry revolves around the reflections of one of our Fellows, Teacher Bea, from her first week in... Read More >

Mico Panis on the Sum Being Greater...

Growing up, I was not the type who would gladly pick up the broom and sweep the floor or voluntarily... Read More >

Allie Kim: My “Clean” Introduction to Philippine...

The night before Brigada Eskwela, I landed in Manila, wide-eyed and curious, breathing in a new experience, in a corner... Read More >

Teacher Carlo’s Colorful Brigada Eskwela Experience

Situated near the highways and beside the wet market, one could hear the sound of drums and bell lyres as... Read More >

Teacher Angel: Brigada Muna Bago Mag-enroll

The implementation of Brigada Eskwela started when I was in high school and during those days, I only joined for... Read More >

Teacher Delfin: “Iba talaga kapag nakita mo...

It was my first time to go to my new home for the next two years. Amidst the grogginess and the fatigue,... Read More >

Teacher Kris on Being Welcomed to the...

The term Brigada Eskwela may mean different things to different people. For some, it may be a modern act of... Read More >

Katrina Santner: My Hour With Wendy Kopp

As a Teach for America alum, Wendy Kopp’s visit was a much-anticipated one. Imagine that it took both of us... Read More >