KUWENTO means story, and this is our space for reflection. This is where members of the Teach for the Philippines family share their experience of being part of the movement towards education reform. We hope that through sharing our KUWENTO, we will be able to give you a more complete view of what it means to leave your mark for our children, and for our country.

Teacher Delfin: “Iba talaga kapag nakita mo na.”

It was my first time to go to my new home for the next two years. Amidst the grogginess and the fatigue, I managed to head down to General Roxas Elementary School (GRES) to be welcomed by a flood of different colors... Read More

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Gian Karlo Dapul: My Hour With Wendy...

Gian asks Wendy Kopp a question during her session at Summer Institute.   We were told that she was a... Read More >

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Ryan Bestre: My Hour With Wendy Kopp

Welcome to Experiences, the official Teach for the Philippines blog! Experiences serves as a journal, a safe space for reflection, for our Fellows... Read More >